Forrit One

Our CMS provides you with the tools you need to future-proof your digital estate and create exceptional customer experiences.

Key features

Page Builder and Page Editor

Create and edit web pages quickly and easily.

Media Library

Search, upload, store and manage your digital assets.

Localisation tool

Reduce translation times from weeks to days


Customise pages for your audience.

Build, edit and collaborate quickly.

Our CMS helps you create and edit pages quickly, easily, and securely – even for users with minimal tech skills. Multiple editors can work on the same task to save time and share expertise.

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Screenshot showcasing Forrit One and its media library.
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Customise pages.

Create different variations of the same page by applying variants such as geographical location. Your chosen variant determines what your audience sees on the page - so you can deliver a website that’s relevant to them.

Better manage your media library.

Automatically tag media with relevant metadata and create multiple responsive versions of images to fit any format. Whether you’re searching, uploading, storing or managing your digital assets, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce risk.

Edit content in a draft working space and publish to a staging site for review. We make sure nothing goes live until you’re ready.

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Screenshot of Forrit one showcasing the workflow section of the software.
The Forrit One Media Library

Achieve regulatory compliance.

Reduce mistakes by creating a clear audit trail and restricting access to sensitive areas with customisable approval policies. We’ll even create a copy of your entire website as a backup – just in case something somewhere goes wrong.

Speed up your localisation process.

Reduce translation times from weeks to days by automatically sending batches of content to your translation service. Reimport translated content quickly without developer involvement.

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